Yet another update: United Breaks Guitars

23 07 2009

guitar_Dave_Carr_114321gm-aSeems news of Dave Carroll’s YouTube hit has finally floated across the Atlantic and this morning a number of UK news outlets have been picking it up:

What’s new? Well, this:

[United] has seen its share price plunge by 10%, wiping $180m off the company’s value. (via BBC)

Correlation or causation? Hard to tell but the PR disaster for United keeps rolling on.

If you like the pain, then check out an article by Daniel Finkelstein of the Times which I came across via Will Sturgeon. Finkelstein has “dug out some other classic examples of social media revenge from the archives.” Funny stuff.

Number of views now stand at over 3,650,000 and counting.

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Michael Jackson in numbers. Shamone.

7 07 2009

Earlier this morning I tweeted an article that I thought, at the time, might have been overstating things a bit:


No doubt the memorial service was  expected to be big, but the biggest event in the history of the internet? I was a bit skeptical. But the article rightly pointed out that:

Since Jackson’s death almost two weeks ago, fans have been inundating social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace with comments, tributes and downloads, while searches for Jackson-related news have reached record levels on Google and Yahoo.

The ‘morning after’ he featured prominently on my Spotify playlist. And scrolling back over my Twitter activity the last couple weeks, I’ve made my fair share of #MJ related Tweets (here, here and here for example).

I can’t really comment on the ‘biggest event in history’ but on reflection, I think the Times might have had a point to an extent. The last couple weeks have been pretty significant and a number of services have been showing signs of Michael Jackson-related strain. So I’ve decided to go back and compile many Michael Jackson online stats as I could, to get a sense of the enormity of what’s been happening. There’s certainly been no shortage of them:

(Credit: Google)

I could go on but you get the picture – it’s been a pretty mad couple of weeks! I think the figures above show not just a morbid fascination with Michael’s death, but also a celebration of his life to an extent.

Something tells me that Michael’s story online won’t end anytime soon.

Do comment or let me know if I’ve missed any significant stats/figures/etc.