Twitter down, Mashable readers FAIL

9 10 2009

I took the screenshot below yesterday afternoon at about 4:15PM, give or take. At that time Twitter has been failing to update timelines for at least an hour and I wanted to learn why.  As you would expect, Mashable was already on the case.

My jaw dropped though, when I saw the number of morons readers retweeting it to people that couldn’t possibly read it.

TwitterMashableFAILBy the time I had mocked up the image in Paint and uploaded it to (maybe 10 min?) another 100 had retweeted it.



Twitter Spam

20 08 2009

Off to a bad start this morning.

I opened my inbox to find a deluge (by my standards) of new followers on Twitter and instead of thinking “Mr. Popular” I thought “the spambots must be hard at work.”

And they were.

Of the new additions, were 12 13 almost identical profiles and each was using Twitter in an inexplicable manner to push what I can only presume is some porn.

And here they are.

twitter a new low

Take it all in, because I fear this mosaic is a metaphor for where Twitter is headed.

Kudos to the spammers though, for at least choosing some ‘authentic sounding’ porn star names like Lauri Maddox and Billie Glover.

At least some thought went into that.

What’s this all about?

6 07 2009

Start_spot_grnWelcome. For some time I’ve wanted a place to jot down my thoughts on online PR and social media, but neither the format nor focus of my current blog made it a good place to do so.

So this happened.

I hope it joins the long list of successful pun-based PR blogs that can currently be found throughout the UK blogosphere.

Now for content…