The Daily Fail – Digital refusnik of the year?

7 10 2009


The Jackenhack Awards 2009 are just over a week away, and over the past couple of days the nominations have been coming thick and fast. So far, we’ve seen shortlists for:

All the nominations are quite funny, and the ‘one to watch’ in my opinion is the Twitter Twat category.

dailymailThat said, what most caught my eye was the Digital Refusnik Of The Year category. This one is designed to award those who are ‘making the best bid to stay retro’ and ‘refusing to acknowledge carnage in their business and the wider industry’ as a result of things moving digital.

The Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday are among the nominees, and The Jackenhack’s summary for them borders on sublime. Here it is verbatim:

“Anyway, we thought we’d nominate the Mail for suggesting that use of Facebook and Twitter will…

Every now and then (ok, daily) The Daily Fail gets taken to task for it’s over the top headlines or hysteria-inducing editorial.  Chris Applegate’s Daily Mail-o-matic app and Daily Mail Oncological Ontology Project are probably among the nicest examples of this on the web. But I had no idea how utterly insane it was with respect to Twitter/ Facebook until seeing that list.

But anyway, my tickets are bought and hopefully I’ll see you there next week?

Now, back to online crime, drugs, prostitution and pornography

The Jackenhack Awards 2009

[Photo credits: B3ta, Jackenhacks]




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