Update: United breaks guitars

11 07 2009

Seems as though Dave Carroll has become something of a hit back home with his United Breaks Guitars video on YouTube. When it caught my attention a few days ago, the video had clocked up 500,000 views. Now that number sits at over 2,000,000.

Due to the success, Carroll has released a statement on YouTube yesterday expressing gratitude, telling people to go easy on Mrs. Irlweg and for United to donate their belated offer of compensation to a charity of their choosing. He also appears to be going ahead with the promise of three songs and to expect the next one shortly.

I think the video update was a pretty smart move on Dave’s part, and he comes off as very likeable (and Canadian?). United’s compensation offer strikes me as ‘too little, too late’ though. I suppose it was good of them to make the effort, but the effort is disastrously late.

Will be interesting to see how this whole story plays out with another few more songs on the way. The second album is always the hardest…




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23 07 2009
Yet another update: United Breaks Guitars « Digital PRescriptions

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